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You also need to pay additionally 5% as a credit/debit card processing fee with a minimum cap of $10. Coinmama currently supports VISA and MasterCard debit and credit cards. There are more than 190 cryptocurrency exchange/ trading platforms that exist today. As high as the number sounds, there are still very poor exchange volumes. It is still a bit of a challenge to purchase or sell popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin.

coinmama exchange review

There is a loyalty program on Coinmama that rewards users with discounted fees. In order to unlock the first level of discount users must spend US$5,000 over 90 days. This is due to there being no trading interface, just simple buy and sell options.

Coinmama Review – Does Coinmama Offer Customer Support?

Coinmama’s platform is operated by Cmama Ltd., established and registered in Ireland. New articles can be released as often as twice a month, and the contents are usually about some relevant thing that ravages the market at the moment or otherwise affects it. If it’s not about something immediately relevant, then you’ll still learn something new about trading from the advice, market overview or news they give here. Additionally, you can also place a support request for issues that are not listed in the FAQ lists or those that require technical support from the Coinmama team.

This is perhaps the most sought-after benefit that people look for. At Coinmama, people can choose any crypto pair of their choice from the long list of cryptocurrencies that the exchange supports. Tradable digital currencies include Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Cardano, Litecoin, Tezos, Ripple, and Dogecoin. Coinmama also allows users to sell BTC even if they were purchased on a different crypto exchange. Coinmama allows clients to buy and sell their Bitcoin even if they were purchased from a different exchange other than the Coinmama exchange.

Coinmama is one of the largest centralized crypto brokerages in the crypto space. It was founded by Nimrod Gruber, Ilan Schuster, Laurence Newman in 2013 and was registered in Slovakia. Right now, the crypto exchange is serving 3 million+ customers around the world. Tap here to find out why Kraken is one of the best crypto exchanges to buy, sell, trade, and learn about crypto. We already mentioned that Coinmama is among the beginner-friendly exchange platforms. The incredible support from the company is one of the reasons for this remark.

This means you send them your Bitcoin and they send you money to your destination of choice when the BTC is confirmed as received. There are multiple exchanges like the Coinmama crypto exchange. Even if you don’t find your preferred cryptos on Coinmama, visit other similar exchanges that offer more crypto options for cryptos. After you have finished selecting your coins, you can choose any of the cryptocurrency packages from the exchange’s website. Or else you can manually enter the specific purchase amount that you would like to spend for buy Bitcoin. Traders can buy Bitcoin whenever they want to buy, worth up to 30,000 USD at a time.

Cash Advance Fee

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  • This level can only be accessed once a user has been purchasing on the site for 30 days.
  • Coinmama is really designed for international users who wants a fast and hassle-free way to purchase cryptocurrency.
  • If you are after a crypto exchange that offers a wider range, Coinbase offers 160+ coins and KuCoin has over 700+ different cryptocurrencies.
  • If you have read this full review on the Coinmama exchange, it can be assumed that you now know what the platform is all about.
  • However, you want to keep in mind that your bank is likely to charge an exchange fee if you decide to pay with something else.

This immensely helps the traders in times of fluctuations that may lead to spending on buying Bitcoin that the trader had expected. It isn’t much, especially in comparison to some high-profile exchanges with up to 4,000 crypto assets. Coinmama is an incredible platform to begin your cryptocurrency journey. The website has a collection of articles to answer all possible queries. It even has articles that talk about how to do the trading and which coins to invest in.

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However, fees for buying and selling are very high, especially compared to competitors. Unless you have a very specific reason to use Coinmama, there are other exchanges with more selection, lower fees and more features. Very few crypto exchanges allow traders to trade with fiat currency. Coinmama is one of them that allows traders to make payments using credit or debit cards for purchasing Bitcoin directly from the exchange’s website. You can deposit the funds via different sources (credit/ debit cards, bank transfers). You get charged with the transaction fee and Coinmama’s trading fees.

This wait time occurs no matter who you buy your Bitcoin from. Then, your credit card issuer, or Western Union if you’re using cash, may take up to several hours to confirm payment. Lastly, Coinmama won’t send your coins until you’ve confirmed your digital wallet address. In summary, the following factors will dictate how quickly you will receive your Bitcoin.

No matter how we justify it, the lack of cryptocurrency coins is a massive problem with this exchange. It does not allow you to buy even some popular crypto-assets like XRP and Monero, which is a problem. You cannot use the platform to purchase stablecoins like USDT, either. So, it takes a few steps back when posed against the diversified portfolio question.

Through Coinmama, you can buy a large number of bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies with much ease. A verified user can buy up to $5,000 worth of cryptocurrency in a day and up to $30,000 in a month. And, the minimum purchase order should be $60 and equivalent in EUR.

coinmama exchange review

My card was charged $1000 and still have not received my bitcoin. They just cancelled my transaction and did not give my money back. Crypto Believer – cumulative purchase amount of $18,000 USD over a rolling 90-day period, or a lifetime purchase amount above $50,000 USD.

How long does Coinmama take to verify?

This is an important feature to consider, since sometimes a day or two can mean large price fluctuations. To protect both parties from this, Coinmama “locks” the Bitcoin price for you as soon as you submit your order. Coinbase is likely better due to higher asset selection and lower trading fees. Coinmama’s fees for both buying and selling are 2.93–3.9%. Buy and sell cryptocurrency with Canadian dollars on this beginner-friendly Canadian exchange.

Coinmama has a dedicated page for its customers with an extensive list of FAQs to help with the common issues. There is no processing fee for order value worth over $1000. But, the order value below $1,000 attracts a flat processing fee of 20 GBP. To get access to this limit, you need to fill out a short form by contacting personally. Simply put, you do not require any prior knowledge to purchase crypto from Coinmama.

Here, you will fill in a provided form which you can get by contacting the Coinmama support team. It features a clean interface without all the graphs and charts that may disorient and discourage new users. It has such an appeal that continues to make the exchange attractive coinmama exchange review to new and seasoned users seven years since its inception. Always enable two-factor authentication for your account and store the private keys to your wallet offline- preferably in hardware wallets. In the Level 2 and Level 3 tiers of verification, it requires more time.

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