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In view of this, it seems that the wisest policy in translation would be to render adelphoi as “brothers” while indicating the possibility of “brothers and sisters” in a marginal note, as is done in the English Standard Version. This more faithfully represents the male-orientation of the discourse and it will prevent readers from failing to see it, and the same contextual clues which would lead a Greek reader to discern a gender-inclusive sense are there for an English reader to see. The next best option would be to render it “brothers and sisters” in the text while indicating in a marginal note that the word adelphoi is literally “brothers,” as is done in the New Revised Standard Version. Here at least the reader has the advantage of a note which indicates the male-orientation. Marshall and Strauss have failed to show that in ancient Greek the word adelphoi would have been understood in a gender-neutral sense without clear contextual markers. Likewise, adelphoi in Greek was ordinarily understood as “brothers,” not “brothers and sisters,” despite the fact that in some contexts it could refer to siblings of both sexes.


Join our team and make a difference while working in any of our open positions. At-risk youth need support and tools to overcome their negative circumstances and achieve a better future. Adelphoi’s residential programs provide individual attention by trained professionals in a caring and respectful home-like environment. We serve youth who are at-risk, abused, neglected, delinquent, struggling with academic or behavioral issues. Most of our youth and families have some involvement in the child welfare and juvenile justice systems.

I thought that was the job of a qualified health care worker with a degree in nursing or something medical related. For a long time, it was believed that “A. Zangaki” was a single photographer. However, with the discovery of a signboard with the name “Adelphoi Zangaki”, it became clear that these were brothers. Scholars believe that their names were George and Constantinos , and that they were born on the Greek island of Milos, while others have suggested that they were Cypriot. However, no definitive evidence pertaining to their place and date of birth extists. However, shortly after their arrival in Egypt they had become established photographers with studios in Cairo and Port Said.

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At least one TNIV defender, Mark Strauss, has tried to reckon with this inconvenient linguistic evidence that leads us to the conclusion that adelphoi was ordinarily understood to mean “brothers” only. To his credit, Marshall at least seems to recognize the fact that linguistic evidence stands in the way of his conclusion. These statements are very remarkable if they are seriously offered as philological data. In effect, Marshall is saying that despite the evidence, adelphoi must have been a gender-neutral word in such an egalitarian context as the early Church, and as used by such egalitarian persons as Paul and the other apostles. First, it is clear that Marshall’s egalitarian vision of the early Church has prejudiced his whole approach to the linguistic issue at hand, in such a way that no careful philologist is likely to approve. Second, this egalitarian vision of the early Church is simply false.

By the 1850s, tourist travel to Egypt created strong demand for photographs as souvenirs. A small group of early photographers, mostly of French origin, made their way to Cairo and the Nile valley to capitalise on this demand. Unlock nonprofit financial insights that will help you make more informed decisions. Our mission is to assist children, youth and families to overcome social, emotional and behavioral difficulties. The Adelphoi cryptocurrency was created to support our community, our guiding principle. That’s why we partner with counties, courts, school districts and families to provide holistic and solution-focused care that provides a foundation for a better future.


The different cases of the noun are used according to its grammatical function in a sentence. The nominative case is used for the subject; the genitive is used to show possession; the dative is used for the indirect object; the accusative is used for the direct object; and the vocative is used for direct address. There is absolutely zero support from management, and administrative staff. No options for joining any kind of union and they will throw you under the bus at the first sign of showing dissatisfaction with the way things are running. Management and Administration refuse to hire additional staff in order to cut costs of running the program, and therefore the caseloads are extraordinarily overwhelming at all times. The pay is abhorrent and you are guilt tripped constantly into taking overtime and sometimes its “mandated” even though they cant legally enforce that.

In the great basilica-synagogue of Alexandria the women seem to have been referred to as “those on the upper storey,” as against the men, designated as “those of the lower level” (Palestinian Talmud, ibid., according to Sukenik). A somewhat similar picture is offered by the archeological data. The remains of the ancient basilica synagogues of Galilee, with a distinctive Hellenistic stamp, show unmistakable indications of the existence of galleries, which probably were the place assigned women. But no traces of a women’s gallery have been found in the well-preserved remains of the non-basilical, more oriental synagogue of Dura-Europos. According to one school, the silence of earlier rabbinic sources and the absence of a women’s gallery in Dura reflect an earlier, more liberal attitude towards women, allowing them to sit in the main hall, though in a special part, together with the men. The other school suggests that the silence of earlier rabbinic authorities implies that in those circles no provisions were made at all for women in the synagogue, because they were excluded from active participation in public worship.

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Arnoux was successful, as on 29 June 1876, the Court of Ismailia recognized them as “guilty of usurpation of artistic and industrial property and unfair competition.” Little is known about the Zangaki brothers, except their initials, C. And G., and that they worked out of Port Said and Cairo from around the 1860s through to at least the What is Adelphoi 1890s. Many of the Zangaki photographs are signed with a brother’s initial and/or a place of business, e.g., “C. Zangaki” or “Zangaki, Cairo” or occasionally “A. Zangaki”. Sign up for free today to get more of the nonprofit info you need. Is one of the religious titles of the people of Israel taken over by the Christian community.

For a few special occasions, in which women might have had access to the synagogue, a temporary, removable screen might have been sufficient. Ian Howard Marshall, “Brothers Embracing Sisters?” Technical Papers for the Bible Translator 55/3 , p. 308. Marshall does acknowledge at one point that the language used by the apostles is male-oriented.


GreatSchools is the leading nonprofit providing high-quality information that supports parents pursuing a great education for their child, schools striving for excellence, and communities working to diminish inequities in education. Photographs taken by the Zangaki brothers are found in tourists’ albums assembled in the Middle East in the second half of the 19th century. From their Port Said studio, they were ideally situated to sell to Europeans visiting Egypt as part of a Grand Tour. The Zangaki brothers traveled along the Nile, accompanied by a horse-drawn darkroom wagon to document the Egyptian scenery, architecture and events. Images included views of the pyramids at Giza or the Sphinx and cities, such as Suez or Alexandria, as well of Egyptians going about their daily lives, e.g., a teacher and pupils, men working by the Nile or women at home. Build relationships with key people who manage and lead nonprofit organizations with GuideStar Pro.

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Fourth, we note that his argument shows the inner connection of “inclusive language” with egalitarian views on the TNIV committee of translators. Spokesmen for the International Bible Society have repeatedly denied that any such ideological connection exists, and have asserted that the reasons for their gender-neutral TNIV are purely linguistic, but Marshall makes the connection clear. A revisionist egalitarian view of the early Church plays an important part in his “linguistic” argument. The problem is, the writers of the epistles ordinarily seem to be “thinking primarily of the men,” as Marshall allows, and so his statement that the epistles are “addressed directly to mixed audiences” is rather problematic.

Adelphoi is also a licensed adoption agency affiliated with the Statewide Adoption Network . Once registered, prospective adoptive parents have the opportunity to seek information on adoptable children. Although private adoptions are very expensive, adoptions through SWAN can be subsidized when circumstances permit.

  • Adelphoi Village’s foster care program provides children with a stable, structured environment, ensuring their physical and emotional safety while they are away from their families.
  • A small group of early photographers, mostly of French origin, made their way to Cairo and the Nile valley to capitalise on this demand.
  • Adelphoi is a private, not-for-profit agency providing comprehensive, community-based treatment to boys and girls throughout Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Delaware.
  • Zangaki, were two brothers of Greek origin, active as photographers in Ottoman Egypt from the 1860s through to the 1890s.
  • Adelphoi Village structures its educational programs to provide individualized instruction, enhancing the youth’s ability to progress.

If the writer is thinking primarily of the men when he addresses the congregation, then he is not really addressing the men and the women equally. Yet Marshall proceeds to build his argument concerning the meaning of adelphoi squarely on the idea that men and women are addressed equally, as equals, in the epistles of the New Testament. It is largely on the basis of this idea that a gender-neutral sense for adelphoi is posited by him and by Strauss. The whole argument collapses under the simple recognition that the apostles directed their attention primarily to the men, and used language which reflected this orientation. There is no intent to “exclude women,” but the habits of speech reflect a male orientation. Multisystemic Therapy is a time-limited, intensive family intervention intended to stabilize the living arrangement, promote reunification, and prevent or reduce the utilization of out-of-home therapeutic resources.

They may have worked with the French photographer Hippolyte Arnoux to document the construction of the Suez Canal. Most scholars believe that Arnoux was the official Suez photographer and that the Zangaki Brothers may have assisted him. However, the precise nature of their relationship is unclear, since Arnoux’s biography is just as enigmatic as that of the Zangaki brothers. Their relationship soured in 1874, when Arnoux instigated litigation against the Zangaki Brothers and one Spiridion Antippa, accusing them of usurping his intellectual property.

Add Adelphoi details provides a continuum of quality services to children, youth, and families from Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York, and Delaware. Headquartered in Latrobe, PA, our 650 staff provide help and hope to over 2,000 youth and families each year. Crowdsourced audio pronunciation dictionary for 89 languages, with meanings, synonyms, sentence usages, translations and much more.

Volunteers can provide care bag donations for youth in our care! We provide alternative education services, as well as elementary school programs and credit recovery programs. Adelphoi Volunteers engage in the work of reforming our criminal justice system by developing restorative and supportive relationships with Restoring Justice’s clients. “Adelphoi” is Greek for brother or sister, and volunteers enact this familial loving attitude by merely being proximate with our clients – through visits and presence throughout the legal process and potentially beyond. Our vision is a redeemed criminal justice system that respects and upholds every human’s dignity and constitutional rights.

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“… to my brother and sister Diodorus and Thedis” [Thedis is a woman’s name]. Again, here a masculine plural form refers to a brother-sister pair. “Charmides, son of Aristoteles — that is a cousin of mine; his mother and my father were brother and sister.” Here the form is the masculine plural, and it refers unambiguously to a brother-sister pair. Explore Adelphoi’s job opportunities today at WCCC in Youngwood from 10 AM – 1 PM! Don’t miss this opportunity to chat with Adelphoi staff on November 2nd from 5 PM to 8 PM!

Adel Incubator is a technology incubator for blockchain innovation. Our community collaborates on ideas to collectively create business plans. Expertise within the community brings mentoring, learning, and employment opportunities.

Art historian John Hannavy acknowledged that the Zangaki brothers “produced some of the finest images” of the late 19th century in Egypt. Mainly produced for the expectations of the flourishing European tourist trade in Egypt, they are highly prized by historians and collectors for their representations of life at the time. Adel specializes in technology-driven, community-based projects with an emphasis on blockchain.

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